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Dr Nan Jiang’s research is featured on WIRED.co.uk

Dr Nan Jiang’s research on designing user friendly CAPTCHA schemes for smart devices was featured in a recent article titled “CAPTCHA is dying. This is how it’s being reinvented for the AI age” at WIRED.com.

About WIRED.com: WIRED is the magazine about what’s next – bringing you the people, the trends and the big ideas that will change our lives.Each month, through thought-provoking features and stunning photography, we explore the next big ideas in science, culture, business – wherever innovation and new thinking are reshaping our world.

For more detail about Nan’s research, please have a look at the CAPTCHA project page.

TAPCHA project page updated

We have recently updated our TAPCHA page to give a summary of our ongoing project since 2014. Please check it out.

Our latest demo of TapCHA is out!

We are pleased to announce our latest demo for our TAPCHA project which can be accessed at:


This version features a new scheme that is used to process the CAPTCHA instruction and it also supports more shapes, bi-directional object movements (left – right, right – left) and sub-tests.

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