People are at the heart of what we do. Here we list our faculty and students from across BU who publish research in Human-Computer Interaction or in related areas.


Dr Huseyin Dogan Thumbnail

Dr Huseyin Dogan

Principal Academic in Computing

Group Coordinator

Accessibility, Assistive Technology, Interaction Techniques

Dr Nan Jiang Thumbnail

Dr Nan Jiang

Principal Academic in Software Quality & Software Testing

Group Coordinator

Usability, Mobile Usability, User Experience

David Newell Thumbnail

David Newell

Senior Lecturer in Systems Integration

Dr Benjamin Gorman Thumbnail

Dr Benjamin Gorman

Lecturer (Academic) in Computer Science

Accessibility, Assistive Technology, Usability

Dr Deniz Cetinkaya Thumbnail

Dr Deniz Cetinkaya

Lecturer (Academic) in Computing

Usability, Assistive Technology, Design

Dr Gernot Liebchen Thumbnail

Dr Gernot Liebchen

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Dr Nicholas Mavengere Thumbnail

Dr Nicholas Mavengere

Lecturer in Computer Science


Dr Shahin Rostami Thumbnail

Dr Shahin Rostami

Senior Lecturer (Academic) in Computing

Visualisation, Digital Health,

Dr Shamal Faily Thumbnail

Dr Shamal Faily

Principal Academic in Systems Security Engineering

Security, Design, Privacy

Dr Theodoros Kostoulas Thumbnail

Dr Theodoros Kostoulas

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Dr Vegard Engen Thumbnail

Dr Vegard Engen

Senior Lecturer (Academic) in Computer Science

Digital Health, Interaction Techniques, User Experience

Keith Pretty Thumbnail

Keith Pretty

Senior Lecturer (Academic) in Business Development and Enterprise

Assistive Technology, Digital Health, User Experience

Tim Orman Thumbnail

Tim Orman

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Mobile Usability, User Experience,

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Andy Pulman Thumbnail

Dr Andy Pulman

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Digital Health and User Experience

Digital Health, User Experience, Usability

Dr Paul Whittington Thumbnail

Dr Paul Whittington

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Assistive Technology, Accessibility, Usability

Research Assistants

David Passmore Thumbnail

David Passmore

Application Developer In Digital Health

Digital Health, Mobile Usability, User Experience

PhD Students

Amna Altaf Thumbnail

Amna Altaf

Usability, Security, Privacy

Botao Fan Thumbnail

Botao Fan

Usability, User Experience, Design

Duncan Ki-Aries Thumbnail

Duncan Ki-Aries

Security, Design,

Neil Slawson Thumbnail

Neil Slawson

Accessibility, Usability, Design

Nurudeen Adesina Thumbnail

Nurudeen Adesina

PhD Student

Digital Health,

BU Associate Members

External Associate Members