Interacting with Assistive Technology (IATech) Workshop

Tuesday 29th August 2023

Interact 2023 Conference, University of York


Assistive Technology (ATech) is designed to increase, maintain or improve the functioning of people with disabilities. These products can consider hardware, software or mechanical devices, such as a wheelchair. People with disabilities can have varying levels of ability and there cannot be a single technology solution to suit everyone. Therefore, a range of ATech products are developed to ensures that this user community is not marginalized and can interact in an inclusive society. One of the challenges of ATech is the awareness and for people with disabilities to know the products that are available to provide support. The Interacting with Assistive Technology (IATech) Workshop will proceed to Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusivity Workshops (DAI) held at BCS HCI 2021 and 2022 and will investigate the recent developments in the domain and the methods in which awareness can be increased developments that aim to ensure interactive solutions are accessible and inclusive to all users. The workshop will be a forum for researchers in the domains of accessibility, assistive technology, human computer interaction, human centered design and system of systems to discuss the challenges and solutions for interacting with ATech.