Dr Ruijie Wang (Faculty of Science & Technology)

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Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Areas of Expertise

Interaction Techniques, Usability, User Experience


Dr Ruijie Wang is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology, a member of BU Gambling Research Group, Cyberpsychology group, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Research Centre (INRC) and Bournemouth University HCI research group (BUCHI). She has been working on a GambleAware-funded responsible gambling project since April 2020, particularly for transparency and explainability of gambling sites, using multidisciplinary approaches including interviews, website and social media analysis, eye tracking and co-design. Before joining BU, she completed her PhD in Computer Science at De Montfort University. Previously, she received MSc degree in Human Computer Interaction from University of St Andrews, and BSc degree in Psychology from East China Normal University.

Dr Wang’s research interest covers all aspects of user research in the context of Human Computer Interaction, particularly for online gambling and e-learning. She is interested in investigating the role of human factors (e.g. gamblers’ characteristics, cognitive needs of learners with dyslexia) in the design and development of intelligent interactive systems to deliver personalised services and interventions. Dr Wang uses multidisciplinary research approaches including qualitative and quantitative analyses, statistical modelling, applying machine learning algorithms to automatic assessment of human mind and behaviour based on physiological information such as eye tracking and EEG, as well as other approaches involved in user-centred design and UX evaluation.

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