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A Cyber Security Acedemic Startup Accelerator Project (CyberASAP) project, funded by Innovate UK and Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

People with disabilities can encounter barriers due to web security and privacy technologies. This could result in them being prevented from purchasing goods or registering for services, leading to frustration and cancelling transactions.


Authentibility Pass will be an innovative solution to assist people with disabilities, accounting for 15% of worldwide population and 14 million people in the United Kingdom, to communicate their authentication and accessibility requirements to higher education institutions, non-profit organisations, small medium enterprises and financial institutions. Our market validation highlighted that people with disabilities often need to repeatedly inform organisations of their authentication and accessibility requirements. Authentibility Pass will enable customers to enter their requirements into a smartphone application, which can be stored in secure organisational databases.

The project will develop the Authentibility Pass Proof of Concept, consisting of an Android application, database and web interface for managing the database. The project team consists of academics from the Faculty of Science & Technology at Bournemouth University and Vers Creative UK is sub-contracted to develop the Proof of Concept.

Adopting Authentibility Pass will assist organisations to comply with accessibility and equality regulations, as well as facilitating awareness of the requirements of customers with disabilities when interacting with organisations.

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Professor Huseyin Dogan

Director of the Computing and Informatics Research Centre & Professor of Human Computer Interaction

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Dr Paul Whittington

Lecturer in Assistive Technology