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HealthAbility is a research initiative that has been created in collaboration with University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust and Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

HealthAbility is based on the existing Authentibility Pass application and will be designed specifically for healthcare. The purpose of the HealthAbility questionnaire is to provide a method for patients with disabilities to communicate their accessibility requirements to clinicians and hospital staff, in advance of their appointments. It is anticipated that HealthAbility will increase patient satisfaction when communicating accessibility requirements, as well as increasing the awareness of hospitals in relation to their patient needs.

The objectives of the initiative are as follows:

  • To assess the requirements of University Hospitals Dorset and Dorset HealthCare University, to obtain the accessibility requirements of patients with physical and cognitive disabilities
  • To co-produce a HealthAbility Questionnaire suitable for the healthcare domain, based on the existing Authentibility Pass
  • To integrate the HealthAbility Questionnaire into DrDoctor
  • To evaluate HealthAbility with University Hospitals Dorset and Dorset HealthCare University patients, who have physical and cognitive disabilities

The project will involve customisation and further development of Authentibility Pass, with the initial focus on outpatient services. Patients will input their demographic and accessibility requirements into the application and clinicians will receive these through DrDoctor. Compatibility testing will be performed with University Hospitals Dorset and Dorset HealthCare University, with the view to disseminate HealthAbility to other NHS Foundation Trusts.

Updates on this initiative will be posted on this page and please contact Dr Paul Whittington for further information:



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Professor Huseyin Dogan

Director of the Computing and Informatics Research Centre & Professor of Human Computer Interaction

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Dr Paul Whittington

Lecturer in Assistive Technology