Authentibility Pass secures Proof of Concept funding!

Authentibility Pass secures Proof of Concept funding! Thumbnail

September 30, 2020

The Authentibility Pass team (Dr Huseyin Dogan, Professor Keith Phalp, Dr Paul Whittington, Dr Nan Jiang, Dr Benjamin Gorman, Lesley Hutchins) at Bournemouth University has successfully completed the CyberASAP Year 4 Phase 1 a few months ago and they have been successful again for being selected for Phase 2 starting from 23rd September. In this Phase, the team will devlop a Proof of Concept showcasing Authentibility Pass.

About Authentibility Pass: An Android Application for people with disabilities to communicate authentication/accessibility requirements to organisations. It enables enable people with disabilities to efficiently communicate their authentication and accessibility requirements, which will be stored in secure organisation databases. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat their requirements. Employees will be more aware of suitable methods to support customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

For more details, please visit our dedicated Authentibility Pass page.

About CyberASAP: please visit KTN CyberASAP News.


Dr Huseyin Dogan Thumbnail
Dr Huseyin Dogan

Principal Academic in Computing

Dr Paul Whittington Thumbnail
Dr Paul Whittington

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Nan Jiang Thumbnail
Dr Nan Jiang

Principal Academic in Software Quality & Software Testing