The topics of interest for the IAT Workshop are related to the seven themes and include but not limited to the following domains:

  • Accessibility (Accessible Authentication, Accessible Design, Usable Accessibility, User Experience, Visual Design, Web Accessibility)
  • AI-Enabled AT and Issues (AI-Assisted Learning/Communication, Fairness, Trust, Privacy)
  • Diversity (Technology Acceptance, Technology Adoption, Technology Discrimination)
  • Human Centered Design Approaches (Design Solutions and Evaluations, Heuristics, Multimodal Interactions, Participatory Design)
  • Inclusivity (Affordability, Availability, Design for All, Inclusive by Design, Universal Design)
  • Application Areas (Aging Population, Ambient Assisted Living, Mobility, Smart Systems, Telecare, Telehealth)
  • Industrial Case Studies (Education and Training Programmes, Healthcare)